Hello folks, I am
Ursus Schneider.

I am a freelance software engineer
specialising in C#, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL, NoSQL, IBM Domino and XPages.

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Who I Am

I am a driven individual who is passionate about software development

Professional administration and programming has been my business since 1992. Among the many applications that I have programmed, there have been Project planning applications, Document filing applications, Internet/Intranet sites, Payroll applications and everything in between.
I have been freelance since 2003.

Following a selection of my current projects

Sync server d.3 <-> Infor IDM

A server service that bi-directionally synchronise documents between IDM and d.3. The document types, fields etc. are defined in a separate table making the server very flexible.

Forklift call system

A centralised call system that allows machine operators to place a call to a group of forklift drivers who then signal to the other drivers that they are processing the the call.

d.3 Web-API (REST / JSON)

This WebService interacts directly with the tables of a d.3 server to expose admin functions that where not allowed by the d.3 WebService e.g. adding d.3 Roles (permissions) or searching regardless of document type.

Time booking system

The time booking system extended the IBM Domino calendar to allow users to enter time information that would later be used to calculate presence hours, billable hours, holidays etc.

Client documentation

Allows the documentation of client interactions (in a social work context). It is possible to document many aspects of client interaction e.g. the case history, medical situation, social situation, home visits and many more. It is also possible to attach any type of document (word, excel etc). The creation of standard forms using OLE with MS Word allows the automatic creation of many forms needed by the local government.

Signature capture

Signature capture is a module that can be added to a client documentation database to allow the client to confirm hours spent to a central controlling system.

Billing system

The billing system is a module that, in combination with the client documentation and time system allows the automatic creating of invoices.

Admin functions for IBM Domino Cluster

A tool to compare cluster server members and highlight missing databases, users without a mail database, mail databases without users and an option to synchronise the mail threshold.

What I Do

I have 20+ years of experience in various sectors and countries.

After 10 years in the IT department of a 5.000+ employee multinational production company, I ventured into the social sector. As one of the founding members of a social organisation, I built the IT department from the ground up. This included the development of an in-house document management system from scratch.

C#, Entity Framework, .NET Core

Recent projects realised in C# include a Sync Engine syncing documents between infor IDM and d.3 ecm, a frontend to display staff time recordings from Clockwork and an application to format a internal private REST-Api to access d.3 documents.

IBM Domino / Notes

Using IBM Domino since the early 90ies allowed me to get an low-level insight into NoSQL databases before we even knew that they where NoSQL DBs. I have created many software applications running in Notes/Domino.


I have been exposed to IBM DB2 early on in my career and to Microsoft SQL for the last couple of years, programming and designing data held in the RDMSs.


XPages is an IBM extension of Java Server Faces with a server side JavaScript runtime and the built-in NoSQL database. It allows data from a NoSQL and Relational Databases to be displayed to browser clients on all platforms.

OS's: Linux, OS X, Windows

I feel equally at home in all the current operating systems. I use an OS X Laptop daily, using Windows 10 Virtual Machines for development. Although I do not use a Linux Desktop in my day to day work, I feel just at home using Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora.

Servers: Linux, Windows

I use Debian/Ubuntu and Windows servers for deployment. I have multi-year exposure to VMWare and have been dabbing in docker for the last couple of years.

Contact Me

Get in touch and let's make something great together. Let's turn your idea into an even greater product.

Where To Find Me

Schrammelgasse 25
6850 Dornbirn

How To Contact Me

hello@ursus.cc +43 (0) 660 674 2873